Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants - The Mysterious World (2023)

Our ancestorshave started touse of medicinal plants centuries ago. Even now, many of us rely on such traditional remedies. Here the list of 15 powerful medicinal plants in the world.


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In many Asian countries, especially in India, ginger isa part of daily diet. Because, themedicinal power of ginger can cure many diseases. The ginger roothas many remedial actions including antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant.

Health Benefits Of Ginger

  • Ginger juice canbalance digestive process.
  • Improves the nutrients absorption power of body.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can cure joint pain.
  • Ginger could keep away nausea in post surgery.
  • Help to fight against cancer, diabetics and asthma
  • Clear and charge up the micro-circulatory channels of the body.


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As you knowlavender is one of best remedies for aglowing skin. This purple beauty inyour garden also has many medicinal properties. The oil extracted from lavender flower has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is also beneficial in manymedicalconditions like anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Health Benefits Of Lavender

  • Lavender oil can keep away dandruff and can cool down your scalp.
  • Help to get relief from dryness, itching and swelling of skin.
  • One thebest anti depressant.
  • Better solution for sun burn and headache.
  • Provide prevention for airborne viruses.

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Garlic is a member of the onion family. It is uses in many countries in various dishes. Garlicis also a popular herb. It can heal a wide range of diseases. It is low in calories and rich in nutrients. Garliccontains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Manganese and Fiber. The sulphur rich ,strong pungent smell of garlic also can keepaway insects and even snakes.

Health Benefits Of Garlic

  • Provide better protection against cancer infections.
  • Help to Improves your immunity.
  • Balances the digestive system and improves nutrient absorption power of the body.
  • Reduces blood pressure and reduce chances of cardiovascular problems.
  • Prevention against allergies and improves iron metabolism.
  • Quick relief from toothache and detoxify your body.

12 Spinach

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Spinach is the edible flowering plant native to Central Asia. This crispy, leafy vegetable also has powerful healing ability. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Spinachcontains Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Manganese, Folate, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Zinc, Phosphorous, Vitamin B3 and Selenium.

Health Benefits Of Spinach

  • The presence of riboflavin, beta carotene and luteine in spinach improves cardiovascular system and nervous system.
  • It protects your eyesight, strengthen your bones and fight against cancer.
  • The antioxidant properties help to reduce the chances of DNA damages.
  • Effective solution for diabetics and cancer.
  • Reduce blood pressure and prevent the chances of insomnia, tumors, neuritis and obesity.
  • Balance the cholesterol level in the body.
  • The high concentration of Vitamin K in spinach protects your nerve system.


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Catnip or catmint native to Europe and central Asia. It is now largely cultivates in all parts of the world. Now it is widely popular in the world because of its health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Catnip

  • It is apowerful detoxifier, help to sweat out toxic elements from your body.
  • One of bestnatural medicine for headache and migraine.
  • Relaxing property by calming down the nervous system.
  • Quick relief from toothache.
  • Balance digestive system.


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Thyme is widely used as an aromatic plant. Its flowers, leaves and oil also has many health benefits. In Ancient Egypt, the thyme was used for embalming and to heal many other medical conditions. Thyme plant has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-septic and anti-parasitic properties.

Health Benefits Of Thyme

  • Better prevention against food-borne bacterial infections.
  • Balance blood pressure level.
  • Keep away the chances of colon cancer.
  • Solution for skin problems such as dryness, redness and swelling.
  • Quick relief from cold and cough.
  • Act as relaxing herb by calming down the nervous system.

9Tea Tree

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The tea tree oil is a popular herbal remedy. This herbal oil is derived from the leaves of tea tree native to coastal areas of Australia. The tea tree plants are highly priced in Australia. The tea tree oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. This herbal oil is nowadays used in soaps, lotions and shampoos.

Health Benefits Of Tea Tree

  • Tea tree oil is used for infection of nail, skin, mouth and nose.
  • Make persistent body odor.
  • Prevention against head lice.
  • Quick relief from cuts and burns.
  • Faster dandruff cleaner and makes scalps remains cool.
  • Cure head ache, cold and toothache.

8Lady Ferns

Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants - The Mysterious World (9)

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Lady ferns is a long, light greenly plant native to northern hemisphere. It is commonly used for decorationsandto make a number of recipes. Lady Ferns can also power to heal a number of diseases. The roots and stems of lady ferns are used for medicinal purposes.

Health Benefits Of Lady Ferns

  • Recommended herb for the lack of appetite, fever and cough.
  • Faster relieffromcuts and sunburn.
  • Prevention against harmful worms.
  • Balance the digestive system.
  • Preventionagainst Asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis.


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Sages is a powerfulherb with beautiful flowers and soft leafs. This plant grows in home gardens. The stem, flower and leavesof sage can cure a number of diseases in an effective way. The sage is very rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Health Benefits Of Sage

  • Improve your memory power.
  • Can instantly reduce depression.
  • Natural remedy for healing wounds.
  • Balance stomach problems.
  • Relief fromtoothache and keep away bad breath.
  • Prevents the chances of infection to lungs, nose and throat.
  • One of bestantiseptic herbs.


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Peppermint is a hybrid plant mainly cultivated in Europe. Peppermint oil is widely used as food flavor.This plant also has a calming effect and offers many other health benefits. Peppermintalso has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Health Benefits Of Peppermint

  • Improves digestive system and nutrient absorption power of the body.
  • The concentration of methanol in peppermint can prevent prostate cancer.
  • Usage of peppermint oil couldenhance memory power and alertness.
  • Effectively prevent sinus infections.
  • Quick relief from body pain.


Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants - The Mysterious World (12)

Marigold is a flowering plantthat growsin wide range of soils. Marigolds are used in many summer dishes to add color. This plant can also cure many skin problems. It can also effectively reduce body scars.

Health Benefits Of Marigold

  • Instant relief from fever.
  • Can cure swollen body parts within short time.
  • Solution for all wounds and burns.
  • One of bestherbs for headache and toothache.
  • Anti inflammatory properties of marigold help to cure allergies.
  • Optimize the growth of new blood vessels and new skin issues.
  • Reduce thechances oftumors.

4Cayenne Pepper

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Cayenne pepper is also known as red pepper which commonly used as flavor for many dishes. Cayenne pepper is cultivated from various part of the world. It is also used as a herb from old time onward. Cayenne pepperhelps to stimulate the blood circulation, nutrient absorption power of the body and restoration of digestive secretions.

Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

  • Improves digestive power of the body.
  • Prevent fungus and keep away flu affection.
  • Prevent blood clots and stimulate production of saliva.
  • Improve your heart health.
  • Quick relief fromjoint pain and migraine.
  • Reduce the chance for cancer affection.


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Native to Central America, Echinacea is a flowering plant commonly known as cone flower. It is also a popular herb in the world. The leaves, flowers, stems and roots of echinacea can be used for medical purposes. This herb works as active chemicals in your body and fight against fungus, reduce flu and inflammation.

Health Benefits Of Echinacea

  • Best anti inflammatory herb for stiffness of joints.
  • Improves immunity power of the body.
  • Roots of Echinacea widely exported for medical purposes.
  • Stimulate the growth of blood cells.
  • Prevention against chances for cold, bronchitis and sore throats.


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Dandelion is edible flowering plants widely grows in South America. The flowers, stem and leaves of dandelion plants also used in productionof a number of medicines. Dandelionis a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. Itis also used to make wine andcoffee substitutes.

Health Benefits Of Dandelion

  • Cancure liver problems.
  • Act as a cleaning tonic for blood vessels.
  • Balance blood sugar level and cholesterol level.
  • Prevention against gallstones.
  • Quick relief to ankle swelling.
  • Improves the function of pancreas.

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Top 15 Most Powerful Medicinal Plants - The Mysterious World (19)

The chamomile flowering plant has a long tradition of using as an important herb. Its beautiful flowers contain a number of volatile oils including bisabolol, matricin, bisabolol A and Bisabolol B. Chamomilecan heal many diseases with no side effects.

Health Benefits Of Chamomile

  • Prevent diabetics and muscle spasms.
  • Full care for skin.
  • Reduce morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • Fight againstinflammation and teething problems.
  • Prevention against bacterial affections.
  • Balance digestive system and prevent the chances of stomach pain.
  • Reduces chances of cancer.
  • Help to grow thick black hair.
  • Best herb choice for muscle relaxation.
  • Maintain sugar balance in the blood and reduce heartburn.
  • Eliminate dandruff and cool down the scalp.


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